The universal reusable opener, spout and closure for drinks cartons.

Enabler of the necessary transition to effective and responsible use of packaging.

More sustainable caps are likely to be complex and costly to implement. Instead, go simple.

Capp’r is a novel and proven solution to meet and exceed consumer expectations:

convenient, effective and durable.

People | Planet | Profit: Time to walk the talk!

Why? Because Capp’r helps to deliver value from every angle.

A reduction of over 70% of plastic waste is a no brainer.

Leadership in matching responsible conduct and consumer needs enhances the brand image.

Considerable savings in costs of materials, energy and processing are simply sound economics.


Insert, fix, open, pour, close, remove, rinse and reuse. Capp’r delivers all of that. On Tetrapak, Elopak, Brik, Edge or Gabletop styles – Capp’r fits all. Safe, durable and dishwasher proof.

User friendly

Easy to handle, with a good grip and a soft cap that stays attached but can rotate in position. The generous spout ensures a good flow and makes drinks easy to pour to the last drop, without spills.


Appealing, with a cap that can easily be branded and color-coded, as consumers tend to associate colors with specific products or brands.

Capp'r Elopak Imagine
Genrous spout
Easy pour
Cappr available in large quantities
Cappr blue on tetra
Cappr on different cartons
Cappr samples
Cappr sample box
Branded Cappr
AH Milk 2022
AH Milk 2022
AH Milk 2022

Capp’r was developed a few years back by Impaqtum and Plato Products Consultants in The Netherlands. We were ahead of our time. Today, in 2021, sustainability drives brand owners and retailers to reconsider the impact of the cartons in use. The latest version of Capp’r meets the complex challenges of the latest lightweight cartonboard qualities.

We are happy to team up with any company wishing to make a difference by promoting more sustainable cartons and still offer their consumers convenience.

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